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Modus Medium is a creative digital agency that specializes in creative digital marketing strategies.

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20 years experience providing a variety of services to global brands, small businesses, and ad agencies- From web development, e-commerce, project management, technical supervision, custom email development, to music production.

A few of the major brands we’ve provided services for include Nike, Nokia, Kipling, Nautica, Toys R Us, KitchenAid, DuPont, Whirlpool, Maytag, and EBAY.

Our other clients included non-profit organizations, educators, music artists, ad agencies, and consulting firms.

The variety of experiences we’ve had allow me to add value to any project I’m working on. Regardless of whether it’s a large business, an individual, or a boutique agency.

But why choose us? Like a good boutique, we offer unique talent, combined with a one-on-one approach and a dose of swagger. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and learn more about your website project goals.


What We
Can Do For You

Web design & Development

Our websites are responsive to computers, tablets, and mobile devices so visitors can always experience them fully – I’m not satisfied until I can guarantee that all of your visitors will experience your site in the way that you envisioned it.

User Experience

We identify the various user types visiting your website and then create a clear path for each user allowing them to easily find what it is they are looking for.


We provide on page Search Engine Optimization for the sites I develop. I research the most relevant keywords and tag and structure the site to rank for those keywords to help push you higher in search results.

Website Maintainence
We love maintaining long term relationships with my clients. While it’s not mandatory, I offer ongoing hosting and maintenance services to clients whose sites I have designed and developed.

Why Hire Us?

When hiring a professional designer, not only should they know how to create a beautiful image, but also how to give you the image that’s effective for your business and industry. A skilled designer should know the importance of marketing as well as creativity. An effective website should be unique, easy on the eyes, have easy navigation, load efficiently, and work properly with all of the major Internet browsers.

Hiring a professional web designer instead of building a website yourself will save you a lot of valuable time, energy, and frustration. There is a large spectrum of skills that are necessary to make effective websites and there are many aspects to web development far beyond learning the basics such as HTML. A professional web designer is not only skilled in design but also remains in-the-loop in several important areas including marketing, communication, HTML, CSS, photo optimization, search engine optimization, and JavaScript.

How are you going to make your website stand out? There are millions of websites on the Internet. As of 2013 there were close to a billion. Purchasing a nice template may seem like an easy, cost-efficient solution, but you risk having your website look like several others. Also, many custom features that you may need for your website such as contact forms, galleries, forums, and other special scripts are simply not available with pre-made templates. If you have a website built with a pre-made template and in the future you want to expand it, chances are you will have to rebuild the whole site to include the custom features that you need.

A professional web designer is experienced in knowing how to effectively communicate your message. They are also skilled at marketing as well as relaying your message through the use of colors, fonts, shapes, layouts, and more to deliver the message that best represents your business.

Having a professional website will give your business an edge that no pre-made template website can give you. Your website will be something that thousands of people around the world may view everyday. Make sure your website represents what you want the world to see. A pre-made template website may seem cost-efficient and easy, but in the long run, it’s more beneficial to your business to hire a professional designer.

Our Pricing Pakages

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1-5 pages
Mobile Responsive
Google Analytics & Search Submission
2 rounds of revisions
6+ Pages
Mobile Responsive
Google Analytics & Search Submission
Custom Design
3 rounds of revisions
Content Assistance for Better Search Results Placemewnt


Latest Projects


What Client’s Are Saying

Joel Levinson

PATRICK CAME THROUGH! He created a site that I am immensely proud of and delighted to share with thousands of people around the world. Patrick is a gentleman, easy to work with, immensely patient, willing to turn every stone upside down to work through the inevitable kinks in an ever-changing world of cyber mysteries.

Matthew Law

If you want a clean, efficient, and awesome website, look no further than Modus Medium! I couldn’t have asked for better service. Patrick made sure that I was really happy with the final product.

Marianna Farach

Patrick Parker has been helping me run my business website for the last two years and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Not only is he diligent and professional in his work, he is also very creative in coming up with workable solutions to adapt to a changing marketplace.

Tashia Tucker

My name is Tashia Tucker and I’m an interior architect. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of using Patrick for my new website. He’s easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time. I now have a site that looks great and is easy for me to maintain.

Jason Fraticelli

Patrick has been doing web design for me for over 8 years. Over that time he has been amazing with the communication it takes to stay on top of things that need to be updated, such as content or layout, as well as helping me keep things fresh by trying new and modern formats for the site before things become stagnant. He has also shown me how to do basic updates with blog posts, audio and visual content on my own so that I have a great feeling of being in control of my own site.


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